MOUs make destination roundup for CTU Danao in South Korea

Delegates show the symbolic gesture of gratitude to KOPEC President Hoon Young Choi and KOPEC Director Lee Yong Woo.

Songho University’s invitation through the Korea-Philippine Cultural and Educational Exchange Center Corporation (KOPEC) put CTU Danao ahead of the curve with first-hand experience of Korean culture on June 3 through 8, bringing home two MOUs, new concepts on ‘smart city’, and a poignant cultural reception —a concoction of  an intensely flavorful destination roundup.

Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen made certain that she never withheld any right from the faculty and staff, that is, exposure to best international practices in the academe—-an impressive act to punctuate the second quarter of the year.

The week-long academic visit spanned Seoul and Daejon to learn unique characteristics of Songho University, Sahmyook University (SU), Chungnam National University (CNU), Daejon Education Training Institute (DETI), and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

CTU Danao visits Chungnam National University on June 7, 2019.

Their common ground reflected the sense of responsibility in the promotion of technology as seen in each of the programs launched.

They presented products based on the concept driven by the union of nature and technology. SJTech Co. Ltd. had Dr. Almacen sign the MOU, indicating the company’s desire to expand internationally particularly in CTU Danao.

MOUs (including that with Sahmyook University), new perspectives on living the 21st century lifestyle, and an understanding of an equally compelling nation  have ushered a new agenda to sustain when it comes to benchmarking against some of the world’s best universities.

Dr. Rose Mary Almacen (L) signs agreement with SJTech (R) as endorsed by Songho President Jung Cang-duk (C).

KOPEC integrated CTU personnel into the fabric of global development, so to speak, in a sense that learning a different culture highly urbanized at that could influence their cognitive psychology.

A concerted effort to go in the direction of the global village abides by the moral compass of CTU to be premier that  subsumes open-mindedness, truthfulness and humility.

Crisscrossing highways , subways and tracks showed most importantly cross-cultural communication as an important tool to get by using English as the lingua franca.

Strikingly ubiquitous also is the language more understandable by the citizens—their devotion to farming across the country alongside the penchant for urbanization. Seeing the landscape unfazed sends the message of preservation of nature which is a clear index of ‘smart city’ principles in place.

The campus’ trip to South Korea was a follow-through of visits to Taiwan in 2018 and Singapore in 2017 at the invitation of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) and Nanyang Technological University respectively (NTU). UICP