Pres. Ancheta signs ‘Smart City’ breakthrough pact

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. (rightmost) proceeds with collaborating with South Korea’s Han Gang World Ltd.

South Korea’s Han Gang World Ltd., held up its end of the deal at the groundbreaking ceremony in CTU Danao on Friday, making the campus first among 25 campuses to have a ‘smart city’-oriented facility, as establishment of the infrastructure within the campus and conduct of programs relative to Block chain and AI will commence this year.

Not only the campus is benefiting from the breakthrough agreement but also the local government of Danao that definitely took part in the signing of MOA on Friday morning, turning it into the first ‘smart city’ (given the proclivity of the recent engagement) in the region.

Spurred  by the ideals of South Korea’s Smart Convergence College (SCC), International Smart City Society  and International Block Chain Association, the building to rise beside the new campus gym adds to the university’s technological hubs.

As part of the week-long Economic Forum sponsored by Korea-Philippine Cultural and Educational Exchange Center Corporation (KOPEC), the groundbreaking ceremony following the MOA signing among entities including SJTech (innovator of South Korea’s first Caterpillar (track) Multipurpose Electric Vehicle) could serve as the university’s catalyst for more industry 4.0 projects, complimenting with CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr.’s  upcoming event—- ‘Universities 4.0’.

SCC Ceo and Songho University(SU)  President Jung Chang-duk articulated, at the ceremony last week,  on the rising tide of technology that has inspired some of the world’s smart cities, whose application the Philippines has not exhaustively revolutionized.

Dr. Ancheta  told UICPA of his high regard for Dr. Chang-duk’s initiative that puts CTU at the fore of ‘smart city’ development.

Both presidents initially met in January of this year to seal the agreement for partnership, which later gave CTU Danao delegation of 28 the chance to  visit Songho University where MOU was signed by  SU president , CTU Danao campus director Rose Mary Almacen and SJ Tech Co. Ltd representative.

KOPEC President Hoon Young Choi and KOPEC Director Lee Yong Woo have maintained the stance of  promoting CTU to Korean executives and business enthusiasts for years now.  UICP