Sahmyook University is newest addition to CTU int’l network

Sahmyook President Sung Ik Kim was more than the usual executive CTU Danao delegates  encountered in the board room on June 5 in Sahmyook University— a private, coeducational institution in Seoul.  His candor at the MOU signing before the audience assured strong alliance between his university and CTU Danao.

It was a move prompted by Songho President who personally endorsed CTU to President Kim whose leadership in one of Seoul’s prestigious universities has maintained the institution’s quest for excellence as its origin dates back to SK’s rich and vibrant history.

SU dignitaries awaited the delegation in the front yard of the  Centennial Memorial Hall, an act epitomizing genuine respect and hospitality.

Treated to a delightful vegan buffet, Dr. Almacen’s team could not but be awed at the exquisite accommodation he had shown while striding for a meaningful talk on student and faculty mobility.

The preliminary gestures of mutual understanding between CTU and SU have already signified a glimmering enterprise for the former’s students and faculty to engage in.

With recent partnership made, CTU’s list of international linkages has gone up to 58 since Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. became president in 2015. UICP