Barili sees agri internship longevity with new batch leaving for Israel this October

CTU Barili is looking at internship longevity as agriculture students form third batch to join others from across the globe this October  through Agrostudies, the International Center for Agriculture Studies in Israel Ltd.

Previous  groups were  sent in September of last year and January of this year respectively, following MOA signing on April 23, 2018 between  CEO Yaron Tamir and CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr.

John Paul Cabusas (of the first batch)  installs plastic mulch at an orchard among other tasks since arriving in Israel in September 2018.

Reinforcing student mobility, the  Commission on Higher Education Student Internship Abroad Program (CHED SIAP) encourages accredited organizations as Agrostudies that caters to different State Colleges and Universities in the Philippines for agri-based internship in Israel.

Interns approximately spend one year of research-based training while receiving  free lodging, monthly allowance, and laptop. 

The campus SIAP Coordinator Andrea Matildo credits the present administration for  providing students with international experience on a par with the ongoing program in The Netherlands. Dr. Petroey Pascual