New program feeds world’s fastest growing economic sector

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) has created a new wave of interest among those who want to be part of the world’s fastest growing economic sector.

CTU Danao has offered the degree program since last year, deliberately challenging university scholars to be on top of the curve as tourism can only expand even more.

Accepted students are hopeful for an even promising career, given the international tourist arrivals in 2017 that peaked at 1.3 billion  per UNWTO Tourism Highlights. The staggering increase in number can only be expected to go up, having many of these jet setters prioritize travel and relaxation.

The university’s response to providing means of promoting culture and economy has found a strong ally in the free education policy.

Being the only public university in the northern part of Cebu Province that offers BSTM,  CTU Danao etches a significant contribution to maximizing opportunities among stakeholders as the power of tourism transcends the value of local  history.

The program has provided student-centered activities that develop necessary competencies in tourism planning and product development through sustainable tourism practices:  tour guiding, events planning, transportation services, and travel and tour operations.

The department has prided in its pioneering batch, whose skills are constantly tested  especially in terms of handling guests effectively.

International educational tour is integrated in the curriculum to also expose them to  hospitality and tourism business abroad as well as increase their chances of getting employed by top corporations.

Owing to the industry’s highly diverse setup, students  are encouraged to avail of the overseas internship  to deepen understanding on international business in the context of cross-cultural communication.

CTU Danao and CTU Main are the only campuses among CTU’s 25 offering  the program. Marie Kris Giango