Picturesque view at grad rites spells festive mood of new satellite campus in Babag

CTU Cebu City Mountain Campus hosts picturesque graduation ceremony, following its conversion from extension to satellite campus by virtue of RA 11185.

The extension-turned-satellite  CTU Cebu City Mountain Campus in Babag through Republic Act 11185 displayed festive mood at the second graduation ceremony (since the campus’ establishment), making earth tones in  a picturesque landscape more vividly expressive of what it meant for Campus Director Patrobinson Salumag to have finally attained the status.

International dignitaries as vice president of Black Hills State University (USA) and  Japan International Cooperation Agency attended the rites, presenting a considerable international audience for the lone  technological university in Queen City’s hinterland.

Dr. Salumag, his faculty, and staff appeared to have a major international backing at the outset.

Its new position would mean bigger funding equated to the GAA allocation for  each of the eight other satellite campuses of the university.

Congressman Rodrigo Abellanosa was the author of the then House Bill 6030 signed into law on January 10, 2019 as RA 11185 following the amendment of RA 9744. UICP