Arnisador is 2019 SEA Games contender

Philippine’s hosting of the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games or 30th SEA Games from November 30th through December 11th is  remarkable for one reason, at least for CTU: arnisador Dexler Bolambao will take his  first strike at the multi-sport event to possibly earn the university’s first-ever SEA Games title.

CTU Director for Sports Nemia Zamora was quick to give UICP a heads up on the news that delighted her, as it created a stir among arnis enthusiasts in the region.

There’s no scaling back his commitments now that he has reached one of those monumental scenes of his career.

In a separate interview, Coach Dexter Alit of CTU Main relished Bolambao’s being a SEA Games contender, which could be alluded at the outset to his being a CTU representative over the years.

The university’s constant sending of athletes to State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) games year in and year out has been to Coach Alit a way of improving his artistic talent in eskrima (as the national sport is also known other than kali).

As an athlete, “he has self-discipline… and even encourages his teammates to train harder. They follow a specific routine, with determination as a major plus to winning competitions here and abroad,” said Coach Alit.

His take on Bolambao’s trip to the SEA Games is banked on the latter’s ability to “bring great honor and pride to CTU.” He added that if anything, he will always be part of his player’s support system.

The university sports program has had major accomplishments in Dr. Zamora’s stint since she took office as director in 2015. This one by far has etched a stellar trail up until SEA Games shall have declared its winners. UICP