Overcoming low corn yield in Cebu: CTU, UPLB to develop varieties


Prof. Danny Carbio of CTU Barili (5th from left) and Rovel Austria of UPLB (4th from left) demonstrate breeding activities to crop science students in Barili campus.

Cebu Technological University Barili and the Institute of Plant Breeding of the University of the Philippines Los Baños are determined to develop corn varieties suited to alkaline soil, as Cebu’s  low corn yield is  detrimental to  survival on account that Cebuanos are the largest consumers of grain corn in the country, university experts revealed in a statement.

Such varieties need to be  tolerant to alkalinity stress, earmarking on sufficiency of produce whose growth is heavily dependent on alkaline soils that are common in arid regions, they added.

Phase 1 began in 2015 and focused on germplasm collection and reconstitution. Currently, on its second phase, the program is working on possible release of inbred varieties toward 2021.

Both universities operate through the Corn Germplasm Utilization through Advanced Research and Development (CGUARD) program funded by the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agricultural Research.

Dr. Eureka Teresa Ocampo and Dr. Artemio Salazar of UPLB and Dr.Pet Roey L. Pascual of CTU Barili are key individuals in said collaboration.  UICP Barili