Barili intern settles in one of America’s finest egg ingredient producers

Andres Mari of CTU Barili (C, seated) with his fellow trainees [from the Philippines] and Program Manager Nate Nicholisen (L, seated)

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) student Andres Mari of CTU Barili  has joined  Rembrandts Foods, one of the leading egg ingredient producers in the U.S.A., since September 5 of this year for an on-the–job training (OJT). 

Said student mobility was facilitated by Fareastern J1 Association, earmarking international  opportunities such as the one-year internship in the US for  BSA students and those in the allied fields.

WISE Foundation, Worldwide International Student Exchange Foundation and Professional Agriculture Resourcing are some that have had a great deal of contribution to the ongoing program among agriculture students.

Initiated in April of 2019, the partnership sees to it that trainees gain  skills set infused with American acuteness of workmanship. Danny Carabio/ICPA Barili