CTU Danao wins third in virtual tour guiding at nationals

BS Tourism Management student Andrea Cambal of CTU Danao won third place [among 21 schools] in virtual tour guiding at the 1st Inter-school National Skills Competition 2019  last week in Pasig City, Philippines.
Coach Marie Kris Giango, who also chairs the Tourism Management Department of Danao campus’ College of Technopreneurship and Business Management (COTBM),  shared the delight  with Cambal and said, in a statement, that “involving the students in a national event is really an experience worth to remember…a good start-up for students to hone their potentials.”
All 300 contestants took part in 11 competitions categorized into two for hospitality/culinary and tourism programs by Astoria Culinary and Hospitality Institute (ACHI)and Association of Administrators in Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Management Educational Institution (AAHRMEI).
Apart from Cambal’s recognition, Dr. Jose Marie Anoos, who is currently the dean of COTBM, also received two awards: Certified Hospitality Professional and Certified Hospitality Educator.
(from left: Michael Murillo, Earl Polancos, Dr. Ludimie Capuyan, Prof. Marie Kris Giango, Dr. Jose Marie Anoos, Andrea Cambal, and Renz Vasquez)
The skills competitions were integrated into the seminar-workshop themed: “Enhancing Hospitality and Tourism Skills: Meeting the Challenge of Industry 4.0.” thus accommodating as many as 1, 400 individuals.
Danao campus also sent Michael Murillo, Renz Vasquez, Earl Polancos for culinary challenge competition, with their coach Dr. Ludimie Capuyan, who also chairs Hospitality Management Department. UICP