Closing out ASEAN Week with 3 partnerships: Thailand, Japan and China deepen student mobility

The university’s culmination of the ASEAN Week 2019 themed “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability” in August went exactly just as it should be with three institutions signing MOA with CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr.

Adapper Management Consultancy (AMC), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and
Association for Friendship and Education Promotion (AFEP) drew themselves in to serve CTU stakeholders.

AMC Managing Director Adalbert Alcaide and CTU Danao had agreed on Thailand internship for hospitality management students;AFEP Chief of Staff Andy Gui opened doors to College of Technology students for on-the-job training in China; and JICA representative Yoshiyuki Morgan Habuka also contributed ideas by which the Japanese government could sustain the interests of the university.

CTU Danao Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen had made personal visits to the establishments in Thailand where BSHM students would be spending for 6 months.

As of late, students are encouraged by the Internationalization and ASEAN Integration Office to apply for China internship.

Year after year, Dr. Ancheta galvanizes student mobility paradigm to ensure international exposure in top-of-the-line industries. IAI/UICP