CTU Argao to send interns to Japan next year


CTU Argao internship coordinator Catalino Higida spends one month in Akita (Japan) for immersion at  Shohachi Co. Ltd, where OJTs will be stationed next year.

CTU Argao clinched trip to Japan with two companies agreeing to the university’s internship program, which could potentially  send six agriculture students by April of next year.

OJT coordinator Catalino Higida is now working on the compliance checklist as prescribed by Shohachi Co. Ltd president and  Japan Good Agriculture Practice (JGAP) inspector.

Shohachi Co. Ltd. sponsored Dr. Higida’s trip so he could complete the immersion at the company [based in Akita] for one month [September 28 through October 8, 2019]. UICP/IAI