ESD leader supports India’s interest in Hablon de Cebu

India’s hosting of the forum on sustainable education in September had implied great regard  for Hablon de Cebu, the extension  project  Dr. Lynette Camello was avid to share more than anything else in promoting Cebu Technological University’s touch with the community especially in Argao.

Dr. Lynette Camello (3rd from left) shares CTU’s extension program at the conference on sustainable education in India.

Following UNESCO’s invitation, Dr. Camello led participants  to Education for Sustainable Development  (ESD) integration, where  individuals have experienced progress in various aspects of survival.

“Hablon is showcased as having elements of a holistic integration to problem identification from research to a community extension project from responding to a “dying” practice, to engaging the academe, LGU and the community, enabling the community to learn, embedding in the curriculum, sustaining changes and transforming weavers, students and extensionists.

Her being the CTU Director for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)suited to what the gathering demanded which was putting emphasis on community-based integration of education for sustainable development. IAI/UICPA