Filipino teachers in Vietnam and Cambodia seek professional development through PAFTE, Angkor University

Dr. Cecilia de los Reyes  and Dr. Lynette Camello (9th and 10th from left, back row) promote PAFTE initiatives vis-a-vis education for sustainable development.

Professional development, being the common ground among educators, remained a necessary input for Dr. Lynette Camello and  co-members of the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE) Region 7, who engaged in the Cambodia-hosted mentoring of Filipino teachers in Cambodia and Vietnam in August.

The activity, facilitated by Angkor University,  concentrated  on interactive teaching strategies, research presentations and collaboration initiatives.

Dr. Camello currently serves as PAFTE Region 7 secretary and  CTU Director for Education for Sustainable Development, who works alongside Dr. Cecilia de los Reyes,  PAFTE National Board Member and Vice-chair  and former dean of the College of Education in CTU Main. IAI/UICPA