Interns return from Israel after 11 months

CTU interns (with others from SE Asia) learn a great deal of agricultural technologies in Israel.
September 2 marked the end of the 11-month training of CTU Barili students John Paul Cabusas and Jeremy Kristoffer Salgo at the The Center for Agricultural Studies (Agrostudies) in Israel.
Two of the most quintessential ideas Cabusas and Salgo shared to IAI were efficiency of production through  irrigation systems and manipulation of cutting-edge technologies.
As members of the first batch, the two have much to discuss with another group of four (Mary Kristhel Merenillo, Julius Vinalon, Jimrexs Villanueva and Juanito Enricoso) headed to Israel  this year.
Agrostudies is home to interns from Africa: Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda and  Togo) and Southeast Asia: Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines ( IAI/UICPA