Master in Engineering Technology seems a popular choice among foreign students in CTU

Master in Engineering Technology (MET) has become a popular choice among foreign students in CTU  since its offering at the onset of the academic year 2019-2020.
Nigerian students Azibataram Famous Ene, Bina-ikiya Mark Egbe, Joel Meyiwa Anukun and Ebeneze Alade, John Theophilus Okoshiga, as well as Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed from Somalia and Eissa Hamid Mohammed Abdulraheem from Yemen are currently enrolled  in the 2-year MET program in the main campus.
Foreign students are recognized at the 2019 ASEAN Week in CTU Main.
Some of them from Nigeria and Palestine have also taken Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management (PhDTM), and Doctor in Public Administration (DPA).
Others have pursued baccalaureate degree programs: Muhamad Ahmad Kalsam and Samih Ahmad Kalsam from Syria (Bachelor in Industrial Technology [BIT] major in Automotive), Ahmad Kenina from Syria and Salah Osama Yousif Mohamed from Sudan (Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics [BSMX]), Bassam Aljahsh from Palestine (Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management [BSHM]), Yousf Mohamed Idris Mohamed Adem from Eritrea (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [BSIT]), and Idris Mohamed from Eritrea (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering [BSME]).
As of late, there are 16 of them from Africa (Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Eritrea), Southwestern Asia (Syria) and Western Asia (Yemen and Palestine). IAI/UICPA