Professor nears completion of research internship in National Cheng Kung University

Prof. Jeremy Mondejar manages to take the picturesque backdrop at National Cheng Kung University on his arrival in August.

It has been three months since Prof. Jeremy Mondejar of CTU Barili, who is currently pursuing Doctor of Engineering,  took the research  internship at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)in Tainan,Taiwan.

The Department of Geomatics  has been working closely with Prof. Mondejar through his mentors Prof. Chao-Hung Lin and Prof. Hone-Jay Chu of the Spatial Information Analysis and Intelligent Management Lab.

By November 15 the agreement shall have expired and Prof. Mondejar is expected to join two other academics for another scholarly endeavor in Canada that will run for 6 months starting December of this year.

NCKU has consistently been regarded as one of the top research universities in Asia. IAI/UICPA