Relearning storytelling to suit waste management drive

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) students in CTU Main relearned a thing or two about storytelling to make themselves better advocates of waste management.

Jose Marino Benedicto, a global public speaking champion and trainer from Junior Chamber International – Cebu Chapter ( JCI-Cebu), shared his expertise on October 16, primarily highlighting the message and its delivery, as two of the most crucial things  in storytelling.

Students need to prepare for the literacy and communication program of the college’s extension project, that banks on the power of the narrative to transform the community vis-à-vis proper segregation of wastes, according to Prof. Mydah Kabingue who’s running the communication aspect of the project.

Come November, trained students from the four programs– AB English, BA Literature, BS Development Communication and BA Filipino— are set to have storytelling sessions in the identified barangays in Cebu City. MK/UICP