Academic joins marine bio talks in Taiwan

Prof. Berenice Andriano of CTU San Francisco was one of the 15 delegates Philippines had selected to attend the  workshop on marine biology  advancement at the National Sun Yat-sen University(NSYSU) in Taiwan on July 23  through  August 3, 2019.

She said, in a statement, that the convention’s biggest contribution was being able to help people recognize the structure, composition and characteristics of marine animals through hi-tech equipment and advanced methods.

The workshop allowed participants to see some of NSYSU’s cutting edge technologies, which formed a major part of Prof. Andriano’s experience.

It challenged universities in the ASEAN region to collaborate through research, she added.

Part of the activity was visiting the largest ocean park in Taiwan, where sharks and other aquatic creatures were kept. She and other participants were given more knowledge about technologies that sustain marine life.

San Francisco campus is one of the fishery education providers in Cebu Province, being situated on an island gifted with diverse marine life. ICPA San Francisco