Collaboration taking shape among CTU, Malaysian firm, Singaporean university

The Cebu Technological University (CTU) is working on possible collaborations with a premier university in Singapore and a top industrial company in Malaysia.

Dr. Joseph Pepito, Prof. Romeo Montecillo and Engr. Joefe Pepito of CTU had productive undertakings abroad that are expected to boost the mechatronics and some engineering programs of the university.

On April 26, they visited Nanyang Polytechnic (NP) in Singapore with NP manager and senior lecturer Lucas Chan who provided a great deal of information about the latest in mechatronics.

“The purpose was for us to be updated and discover the new instructional materials particularly the laboratory being used in the institution,” said Dr. Pepito.

Dr. Pepito said they discussed possible collaboration Nanyang and also asked Mr. Chan to help them be introduced to a possible industrial partner, a certain industrial automation manufacturer in Singapore. He added they would explore the possibility of putting up a laboratory in CTU through the collaboration with the industrial partner.

“We are working on the memorandum of understanding. Hopefully, there will be more discussions especially in the establishment of a modern technology. We are willing to establish a laboratory in an academic cost not commercial through trading,” Dr. Pepito said.

Dr. Pepito revealed that Nanyang somehow helped in the creation of mechatronics program in CTU. In fact, Mr. Chan was his mentor when he attended the six-month Mechatronics Specialist Training in Nanyang in 2010.

It was on that year that mechatronics program was implemented in CTU. “In 2011 we revised the program and what I learned in the training was applied. The training was a big help,” said Dr. Pepito.

Dr. Pepito is confident that the planned collaborations will come to fruition. “It was a productive trip as to the mechatronics and other technology and engineering programs that deal with automation,” said Dr. Joseph.

From Singapore, the three CTU faculty members proceeded to Malaysia where they visited Intrasource, an industry partner of CTU.

Dr. Pepito said Intrasource has been a partner of CTU for its on-the-job (OJT) program. “We discussed possible deployment of Mechatronics trainees,” Dr. Pepito said.

“That agency has been our partner. We have deployed industrial technology students in the past but lately, they cater more on mechatronics students,” Dr. Pepito added.

Dr. Pepito said sending CTU students to Malaysia for their OJT will be very beneficial since the place is known for its automation technology. CTU MAIN-UPO