CTU ranks 6th in Civil Engineering Licensure Exam

Brenan Labaya of CTU Main took 6th place in the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination as per results on November 14 by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Labaya, who was under university scholarship (in his first 3 years) and CHED scholarship (in his fourth year), is receiving 40,000 cash incentive from CTU and another from City Councilor Dondon Hontiveros.

Being one of the 6,510 passers among the 15,075 takers as per PRC record meant a lot to him who spent much of his college days representing the university in intercollegiate quiz bowls at the regional and national levels.

Following the results, he reunited with his long-time coach Engr. Jeonel Lumbab, who was behind most of his winning moments as a quizzer.

(from left: Engr. Jeonel Lumbab, Engr. Yvonn Baguion, Engr. Brenan Labaya, CTU Main Scholarships Director Irvin Narsico)

His present concern is that of pursuing Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering as per online interview with UICP.

“I planned to explore more about Civil Engineering by taking some master course so that maybe someday I am capable of owning a construction firm.”

Moreover, Labaya candidly revealed six companies eyeing him for a lucrative job. He intended to submit applications to gain practical experience. UICP