National civil eng’g quiz hails CTU Danao as champion

Coach Dovann Arrabis (L) and 2019 NCESQ champion Frances Noel Carvajal have teamed up in several civil engineering quiz shows that catapulted them to earning their first national championship title.

“If you want it, work for it,” said Frances Noel Carvajal of CTU Danao, who clinched  the 38th National Civil Engineering Student Quiz (NCESQ) with a championship trophy on November 19  in Baguio City.

Little did  Carvajal know that his last year in the university would unfold a rather compelling moment such as acing the nationals while he suffered from fever.

In an interview, he spoke of how much he valued in the final round the presence of last year’s champion, CTU Main, which now held his previous position as first runner-up, as it pushed him to doing what he ultimately wanted to achieve.

The success could also be alluded to coach Dovann Arrabis, who in a way improved the campus’ performance a lot toward gaining championship title for the  first time.

NCESQ is sponsored by The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. (PICE). Francis Anecito