Newly appointed VP joins CDIO framework dialog with Asia’s think tank

Newly appointed Vice President for Administration and Finance Jerlito Letrondo joins dialogue on CDIO framework with Asian leaders in Singapore.

Newly appointed Vice President for Administration and Finance Jerlito Letrondo met with delegates at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) last week to learn more about conceiving-designing-implementing-operating (CDIO) paradigm of the 4th industrial revolution, in which direction CTU has been moving along with its initial efforts.

Collaborating with Temasek Foundation, SP conferred with state universities in Asia and provided more mechanisms by which these institutions could align with the highly diverse capitalist climate, where demands for innovative outputs need quick response.

Vice President Letrondo pointed out the idea of working on the syllabus as mentioned by keynote speakers, being the primary target among educational tools, if staying attuned to CDIO is the paramount obligation.

“Revise syllabus … to prepare students for industry 4.0… . Pattern syllabus after partner industries’ needs,” he iterated the CDIO ideology.

Moreover, the meeting centered on accelerating innovation through impactful researches. Complementing knowledge dissemination is skillset development among students on account of opportunities that require workers with such capabilities.

“There should be willingness to adopt,” he added, echoing CTU President Rosein Ancheta’s maxim, who has served the university for years now since he became president.

CDIO framework began attracting a couple of College of Engineering deans from selected CTU campuses, who were trained in Rizal Technological University, in the previous years. Engr. Engilbert Binolirao, who was with the vice president in Singapore, was one of them who spent weeks in Manila to cope with the requisites of a supposed training in Singapore back then. UICP