Reappointed CTU President finds absolute momentum at investiture

Nothing short of a grandiose féte painted a far more casual relationship between the university and the President on Monday, whose ultimate trajectory to place CTU on top has become a rather familiar goal from him who’s totally locked in for change.

At Cebu’s capital on November 11th, support for reappointed CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr., who iterated the mantra  during his speech, is absolute.

Despite the gaping thought of not having the investiture right after the President was reappointed in February, as schedule for such a ceremony had consistently been moved, constituents were hopefully pointing to that number in the calendar which marked the president’s formal launching into the lofty ideals of servitude, yet again, in a state university that has since clearly come to terms with reality.

Decidedly, he was swept into office in 2015, and since then the accolade for the university’s growing presence in the international scene is far from being unseen.The assessment of trails he had left from 2015 through 2018 gave the screening body  a perspective of how much face-lifting has been done in CTU and what sort of figure has been there all along amidst the plight for organic change.

The collective effort played  into a dramatic unraveling of CTU’s image moving forward, as attendance of CTU personnel, for the first time, rose to an unprecedented number, not just owing to the travel order specifically issued to a majority of them but really on the decisive bid to quell the attitude of isolation from a mere employee’s standpoint.

CHED Commissioner and BOR Chairperson-Designate Perfecto Alibin (L) joins honoring of CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr. on Monday, November 11th, at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City.

What more could be expected than elaborate preparations at the gala on a Monday afternoon, creating a climate more congenial to the president’s transformative treatment of the university’s capabilities that have lent support to its diverse approaches to progress all these years.

Punctuating the university’s 10th founding anniversary was a solid fellowship among members, who found themselves listening to the president’s directive moving forward.

Coping with QS-ranked universities remained atop his priorities to keep CTU on a par with them through innovation, acceleration and transformation.

His declaration of renewed commitment on Monday was shared by CHED Commissioner Perfecto Alibin and CHED Regional Director Maximo Aljibe. UICPA