COTBM building, swimming pool are latest projects in CTU Danao

The College of Technopreneurship and Business Management (COTBM) building and swimming pool are some of the newest developments in CTU Danao, following the groundbreaking ceremony on November 27.

Such a move leads to enhancing teaching-learning experience which gains much support from the administration on account of the growing population of hospitality and tourism management students in the campus.

The four-storey building (phase 1)  features function rooms, office of the dean, travel management simulation rooms and lecture areas.The swimming pool, on the one hand, is designed to accentuate the campus’ income-generating-project (IGP) Facility Centrum, where HM and TrM students mostly perform their tasks.

By the end of 2020, CELJEM Construction and Development Corporation will have completed the 20M and 4M projects, respectively.

Construction of such facilities since 2015 is one way of giving breadth and depth to the university’s commitment as reflected in its mission and vision, according to campus director Rose Mary Almacen, whose contribution included a gymnasium, buildings for the College of Education and College of Engineering and the Administration Building that awaits inauguration in February of next year. Prof. Maria Kris Giango