Barili campus secures research pact with BIOTEC yet again

BIOTEC seals another research activity with CTU on January 27 in Bangkok, Thailand.

CTU Barili academics met with representatives of the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) in Bangkok, Thailand on January 27 through 31, earmarking research partnership yet again as previous years would bear proof to this longstanding connection between these two institutions.

Having reached a consensus, CTU Barili Campus Director Adeline Dela Cruz, CTU Argao Biodiversity Director Rosalyn Alburo, BIOTEC’s Kriengkrai Mosaleeyanon and Theerayut Toojinda signed the Agricultural Research and Biotechnology deal.

Other programs discussed by both agencies included RisePhil Program, cave metagenomics research, and international research conference on agriculture.

As for metagenomics, one of Barili campus delegates presented his research: “Reviving Indigenous Vegetables and Cereals through Secondary Metabolite Enhancement in the Philippines,” which clearly sent BIOTEC representatives viable information to look into.

The international academic visit was pursuant to Board Resolution No. 163 s. of 2019. /Prof. Danny Carabio/ICPA Barili