Canada-ASEAN SEED scholars begin research stint in Université du Québec à Montréal

Not long after Dr. Michel Plaisant of Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) sought interested scholars from Cebu Technological University (CTU) to avail of the Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Education Exchanges for Development (SEED), two researchers  arrived in Montreal, Canada on January 2 to complete 6-month research internship.

Prof. Kent Marcial Catubis of CTU Tuburan has been working alongside his research partner Pierre Royer and adviser Dr. Eric Lucas of the Biological Science Department in discovering insects that can help improve the agricultural system in the Philippines.

Prof. Kent Marcial Catubis at Institut des Arts Appliqués Université de Montréal
Prof. Kent Marcial Catubis in one of UQAM’s plant laboratories

“The main focus of my research here is to check the aggressiveness of Nabis americoferus (Nabidae insect) towards aggressive predator of aphids in the eggplant such as Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis),” he explained in an online interview with UICP.

While Prof. Catubis busied himself around insects and plant predators, Dr. Regina Sitoy of CTU Main has been spending most of her time studying digital literacy with adviser Dr. Michel Plaisant.

Dr. Regina Sitoy at Institut des Arts Appliqués Université de Montréal

“We are now in Industry 4.0 and digital literacy is a very important skill,” said Dr. Sitoy who shared further on the possibilities of   addressing   issues relative to the advancement of the new media to teachers pursuing master’s and doctorate programs.

Meanwhile, they have found themselves getting acquainted with Canadian academics more quickly as they are friendly and easy to get along with. UQAM greeted the academics with orientation and lots of activities during their first week.

“The professors are very friendly and have expressed that if I have any questions or need any help, I can just call or email them. They are very willing to share or help if they can,”Dr. Sitoy added.

Once internship expires, paper presentations and ISI publications are expected of them. /Ale Taneo