CAS initiates Professional Development Program in Labogon

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) faculty including University Dean of Instruction Hedeliza Pineda facilitated the Professional Development Program in Designing Action Research Project at Labogon National High School (LNHS) in Mandaue City on December 6, 2019.

Dr. Pineda oriented the teachers on the program prior to the lectures: Nature and Definitions of Action Research by Dr. Sunliegh Gador; Classifications and Models of Action Research by Prof. Sylvester Cortes, and Characteristics Shared by the Traditional Educational Research and Action Research by Dr. Rowanne Marie Maxilom.

Submission of journals was expected of LNHS teachers by the end of the first session spearheaded by Prof. Sylvester Cortes of Pure Sciences Department.

Participants were mentors in English, Math and Sciences, who filled out training needs assessment questionnaires as the university’s bases for responding to their demand./Rowanne Marie Maxilom