CTU Tuburan gets 100 percent passing rate in electrical eng’g board exam

Proving its adherence to quality education, CTU Tuburan registered a 100 percent passing percentage in the August 2019 Registered Electrical Engineering board exam.

“This achievement is a blessing to our university and to our campus in particular. This and future successes in board examinations will put CTU Tuburan as truly a premier institution of learning in the field of engineering,” said College of Engineering Dean AL Emmanuel Caballes.

The five passers were Abel Ortiga Caminos, Henry Jr. Sincero, Michael Verano- Donal, Steven BrigolaDela Peña and GerossPiliotas.

“CTU-TC’s College of Engineering is always on top because they have instructors who aim for continual improvement,” said Campus Director Pedrito Pontillas.

Engr. Michael Verano-Donal added that proper training and commitment are keys to passing the board exam.

Aforesaid newly registered electrical engineers are also registered master electricians (RMEs) when they were still in 4th year. /Dr. Angen May Fabro-Charcos