Holland interns are halfway through the timeline

Everything has never been as exciting as learning new things apart from  nearing completion of the training program in Holland according to Mary April Redoble  of CTU Barili, who spoke in behalf of the 32nd batch  in an online interview with UICP.

Redoble and seven others left the Philippines on October 17, 2019 to immerse into a  compelling  environment for six months, where they learn best practices in agriculture.

They specialize in horticulture, agronomy, and crop protection and have since been stationed   in Nieuwkoop Europe B.V, JM Plants Company, Rovawee B.V Green Power and Kebol Company.

(Photo source: Mary April Redoble )

From   October 21 onwards, they have found themselves constantly learning new things— studying soils and plants, operating farm machineries, and utilizing natural resources to prevent environmental damage.

“We learned some of their practices and techniques in growing plants… also some techniques that can’t harm the environment and learn how to use natural resources,” said Redoble, expressing her enthusiasm in catching up with a whole new learning experience  throughout the internship.

Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP) and Stichting Stagiairres Cebu (SSCebbu) have given them the best accommodation and a monthly allowance of  €150, she added.

 “We are comfortable with our colleagues, mentors and bosses [as they are] friendly, kind and approachable. We learned a lot of things . . . from growing tropical pot plants and plants that can be found in our country.”

By the end of April this year, interns  shall have completed  the program. Ale Taneo/UICP (Photo source: Mary April Redoble )