Marking grand Women’s Month Celebration

Clad in violet shirts bearing “We Make Change Work for Women,” CTU Main students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel packed the Kasadya Gym on March 29, 2019 for the culmination of the event celebrating women.

“It was the biggest attendance in a culmination activity for the National Women’s Month,” said the University Director for Gender and Development (GAD) Wilma Giango.

Dr. Giango said that CTU spearheaded various activities in celebration of the Women’s Month. “Our GAD coordinator Jana Almerino of the Human Resource Department (HRD, for instance, had gender sensitivity training for our non-teaching personnel.”

Extension services highlighting “technopreneurship” were also conducted for the housewives in Barangay Tejero in Cebu City and members of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in Barangay Labogon in Mandaue City.

The College of Education Students’ Society in partnership with the Cebu Center of Youth Development Initiative also organized the Bastos Forum toward promoting safe public places for women and reducing abuses and sexual violence against such.

The culmination program featured the solidarity dance led by Gabriela, an organization that advocates for women’s rights, being part of One Billion Rising, an international campaign that highlights the need for women to rise, resist, and unite.

“We should be very sensitive because some are very passive. They don’t know about GAD. We raise awareness and consciousness to promote the rights of women. When we talk about development, it is not the responsibility of men alone. Men and women should be partners in all developments in the university. Even in decision making, there should by participation from women,” added Dr. Giango. /CTU MAIN-UPO