New library is centerpiece of Argao infra boost

Library Building (right wing view)

The seemingly long stretch of infrastructure planning finally materialized in CTU Argao on January 29, with the 2-storey, state-of-the-art library building as mainly the campus’ stellar representation of quality learning, given the role of books in the lives of students.

Interior Lobby of Library Building

In 2015, campus librarian said the space needed expansion for the increasing population of students who preferred the rather mundane life in the south while pursuing degree programs that had also been offered by universities in Cebu’s bustling metropolis.

Inaugurated alongside the reading hub was the 2-storey agriculture building which in a way put premium on the campus’ flagship, that spurred internship opportunities abroad.

Agriculture Building

CTU and Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) bankrolled the P75-million development awarded to DSJP Construction, that accounted for aforesaid projects and soon-to-finish 4-storey Forestry and Technology building and gymnasium.

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. takes the wheel of the Tamaraw FX SUV, with Campus Director Juanita Pinote during the turnover ceremony on January 29th.

More of social responsibility could be seen in the donation of the Tamaraw FX SUV service vehicle by the Commission on Human Rights, following last year’s turnover of the Mitsubishi Expander MPV training vehicle to the campus’ automotive department.

CTU President Rosein Ancheta, with the University Infrastructure Director Alex Mayor, graced the ceremony on January 29th, lending support to Campus Director Juanita Pinote and CTU Argao personnel.

Argao Campus is going head-to-head with other satellite campuses as regards facility development, being the 3rd biggest in terms of population.Prof. Evangeline Rellin/ICPA Argao/ (Photo source: Prof. Evangeline Rellin)