Scandinavia likely to be Argao interns’ home sooner than later CEO Nataliya Jorgenson conveys paid agriculture internship under Scandinavian Program for CTU Argao students on January 24, 2020.

Interns across CTU campuses, who have been in different parts of the globe, have time and again proven they can thrive in cross-cultural training, and it will be the same case, sooner than later, for CTU Argao agriculture students, who were recently persuaded to consider Scandinavia. CEO Nataliya Jorgenson launched the subrpoject Scandinavian Program to encourage global agricultural development, cascading some of the world’s best practices especially to participants from developing countries.

The Danish CEO had a slew of benefits forwarded to the table during the talk on January 24 in CTU Argao, which primarily included a monthly allowance ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 euros.

Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP) has collaborated with Jorgenson’s company to position agricultural students in Scandinavia peninsula countries—Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland—offering not just allowance but also a comfortable living space.

Further arrangements will be made to materialize the Nordic experience for CTU Argao as per Commission on Higher Education (CHED) guidelines.

Campus Director Juanita Pinote has also mulled over the Japan internship to happen this year, following concessions made in Japan last year through OJT coordinator Catalino Higida.

CTU Argao is one of eight satellite campuses persistently moving in the direction of student mobility. /Prof. Evangeline Rellin/ICPA Argao