Academics present papers at 3rd ICMFS 2019

Dr. Cristie Ann Jaca (upper left), Dr. Sunliegh Gador (upper right), Dr. Rowanne Marie Maxilom (lower right) presented their research projects at USPF.

CTU Main academics presented their studies at the 3rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Filipino Studies at the University of the Philippines Foundation (USPF) on November 22 through 24, 2019.

Dr. Rowanne Marie Maxilom shared “USC Linguistics Faculty Publications from 2016-2017: A Documentary Analysis” and “Tracer Study on the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics: A Decade.”

Also, Dr. Sunliegh Gador explained her findings on “Communication Students’ Learning Experiences,” while Dr. Cristie Ann Jaca talked about “Pre-Service Teachers’ Challenges in their Practice Teaching.”

This year’s theme was “Multidisciplinary Academic Ascendancy: Celebrating Origins, Indigeneirties, and IR 4.0 Advancements. USPF’s co-convener was University of Hawaii. /RMMM/CCMR