Paying tribute to MELE 4th placer

Topnotcher Adhone Manulat (R) reflects overwhelmed disposition at honoring ceremony with President Rosein Ancheta Jr. (L) on March 6 in CTU Danao.

Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination (MELE) 4th placer Engr. Adhone Manulat took time for accolade to sink in on Friday afternoon at the gala in his honor, just a week later results were posted online.

With the distinctive beam so contagious for everyone in the hall, he could not but mention every individual who made him realize all this was real.

CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr. made it to the venue and stressed on Danao campus’ being able to live up to the premier brand , thus the presidential citation award to the Februrary 2020 topnotcher and his mentors in the College of Engineering (COE).

Incentivizing the accomplishment, CTU Danao Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen awarded Manulat a cheque of Php 40, 000, which came as a surprise for the latter who spoke at the event.

(L-R) COE Dean Delfa Castilla, Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen, CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr. and Engr. Adhone Manulat

Recognized alongside the top honoree were Engr. Ariel Khen Apas, Engr. Mark Antero, Engr. Josal May Arnejo, Engr. Arfel Jay Batulan, Engr. Jonell Cabuyao, Engr. Emelio Castilla, Engr. Kenneth De Los Santos, Engr. Noel Gregorio, Engr. Mailes Manulat, Engr. Harold Jay Papaya, Engr. Nino James Pepito, and Engr. Lloyd Dareem Tenajeros.

Dr. Almacen never missed out on conveying her thoughts as well: “Never run after success; gain worthiness, and success will run after you.”

Not only did she relish the overwhelming board exam news but also the recent back-to-back championships at regional and national engineering quiz shows, with Frances Noel Carvajal, Kristopher Roble, and Vince Lasconia.

Engr. Delfa Castilla currently heads COE, pouring support to students and faculty who would want to represent the university in scholarly undertakings. Ale Taneo