Belgians on organic farming in CTU Tuburan

Belgian high school students campaign for organic farming at CTU Tuburan in February.

Institut Maris Stela in Brussels, Belgium had representatives talking about intercultural learning via organic agriculture in a four-day workcamp in CTU Tuburan.

Workcamps are primarily set to augment income of local communities through SDG-oriented goals, which make Tuburan campus in this respect more responsible in positively affecting certain areas that have been connected with the university.

The group visited Tuburan Coffee Farm, which gave them quite similar methods in coffee farming— motorized depulping, drying, and roasting of beans.

Further, they expressed interest in having a strong collaboration with the northern campus for a more stable organic agriculture through activities and projects, which benefit both international and local communities. Prof. Catherine Loseñara/ICPA Tuburan