Research-based food essentials to frontliners

CTU Barili’s fruity wellness mix research  is funded by the Department of Agriculture (DAR).

Southern frontliners have recently tasted research-based concoctions with nutritional value befitting the needs of them who work around the clock. The steamy weather even suggests having not only a thirst-quencher but also an immuno-booster.

CTU Barili has developed wellness blends, usually of vitamin-C rich mango and tamarind, distributed weekly within the quarantine period. Production is currently done at the campus’ Biotechnology Center.

Organic pack has radish, corn and string beans.

It also  boasts of its organically produced vegetables known to contain  secondary metabolites that help reduce stress. Sitting in one of Cebu’s vast areas in the south, the campus grows a variety of vegetables and crops shared to the community. In this time of need, the locals may very well depend on its capability.

Some government workers have a special delivery of breadnut and sweet potato cuts for a healthy snack experience.

Meanwhile Moalboal prepared kamansi or breadnut cookies and camote or sweet potato donut as midnight snacks for some frontliners there for 14 days.

A number of health benefits can be derived from sweet potatoes. Most prominent is its abundance in antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals, while breadnuts are widely known for relieving pains. –Prof. Danny Carabio/Prof. Fenina Margallo