Research congress is mainstay in Féte de CAS

CAS lauds student research presenters at annual celebration.

As a matter of tradition, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) put up another research congress in its 9th year in an event dubbed Féte de CAS, giving students a breath of fresh air as they presented studies amid the routine of college life.

The congress drew both students and faculty on February 28th, staying attuned to the goal of “Humanizing the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the Arts and Sciences toward Sustainable Development.”

Embodying the aspirations of the university in seeking progress and change through arts and sciences programs, the college primarily banked on student participation through research.

BS DevComm student Kimberly Mae Laborte won as Best Research Presenter, with her paper titled “A Content Analysis on Environmental Documentaries: Years of Living Dangerously.”

Meanwhile, Best Paper award went to “Optimizing Integrated Pest Management For Asia Corn Borer (Ostrinia Furnacalis) Using Pest Natural Enemies and Dataselling” by the BS Math group.

CAS Research chair Simeon Bernados commenced the affair with his message highlighting the significant role of the college in actualizing projects for its beneficiaries.

“We could use art in anything. We can use drama for climate change. We can use poetry for poverty reduction. Not only science can contribute,” he said, echoing CAS Dean Lynette Camello’s drive for sustainable community.

Keynote speaker Ryan Urbano left a remarkable lesson on transdisciplinarity toward holistic and humanistic approaches in research and development.-Juliet Villamor/Nation Builder