BTR 98.1 broadcasts campus’ updates on “new normal” operations

Dean of Instruction Ma. Carla Abaquita (L) arrives at BTR as guest on June 16th.

Bulawanu’ng Tinubdan (BT) Radio 98.1 of CTU Tuburan has been phenomenal in providing significant information on the campus’ “new normal” operations especially to students who do not have access to the internet.

Dubbed as “Airwaves Bulletin on BT Radio,” the program mainly presents itself as an academic information campaign, seeking to leverage the campus’ key source of updates.

Every episode is keeping such students informed of concerns relative to the upcoming school opening, while maintaining their adherence to the stay-at-home policy.

BTR answered questions on the “new normal” mechanisms in the campus, including the admission process during its launching on June 16th, with Dean of Instruction Carla Abaquita as guest.

Announcements from the five colleges were also broadcast on the 17th and graduation mechanics on the 18th. More topics are in store for BTR’s avid listeners.

The program runs from 2:00 to 2:30 in the afternoon, with Siegfried Mendoza and Lanny Merryl Gallarde as anchors.

Interested parties may contact BTR via any of the following channels:, BT Radio Official facebook page and 09981529089. / Angen May Fabro-Charcos /ICPA Tuburan