Remodeled CTU Daanbantayan library has more to give

There is nothing else that could make bookworms or anyone inclined to reading happier than seeing their niche amply developed as in the case of CTU Daanbantayan’s renovated library.

The 2-storey building now features a fully air-conditioned, more spacious area, which underwent restructuring in June to match the supposed environment of the new normal setup where distancing is required.

It was a transformation bent to the millennial orientation as newly acquired ergonomic chairs and tables would suit any reader who pores over an array of books, journals, periodicals, and other references in a rather pleasing ambiance of pastel-toned motif.

More zones on the ground floor were added for multimedia, computer/Internet, and photocopying services. Having designated two rooms for group discussions also speaks of the facility’s promotion of healthy conversations to enrich knowledge from a depot of information.

Second floor houses the Children’s Corner especially for visiting clients who are mostly elementary pupils, as part of the College of Education’s extension program. One room is also intended for the Graduate School clients.

CTU Daanbantayan library has increased capacity by 10 percent, following its expansion with an approved budget of 10-million.

New acquisitions are now provided and will be added with more materials relevant to recently approved degree programs, as the campus seeks to diversify opportunities among stakeholders.

Library holdings have grown and will be sustained with a hefty 2020 allocation of 60 to 65 percent of the campus’ total budget, basically for subscription to scientific journals. As per the last inventory, there are 4, 722 titles and 8, 248 volumes. Nikkithea Beduya/ICPA Daanbantayan