CTU Barili wins digital poster making at 2020 ASEAN Week

2020 CTU ASEAN Week Digital Poster Making Winner

Five entries made it to the digital poster-making contest at the CTU Internationalization and ASEAN Integration (IAI) Week 2020, and CTU Barili representative could not be happier for being this year’s champion.

BS in Agriculture student Emmanuel Tenebroso’s oeuvre had ASEAN hands with fingers painted with flags of ASEAN-member states, a vase containing a globe under one banner bearing the organization’s mantra: One Vision, One Identity, One Community, and other archetypes such as dove, plant and arrow.

Posted on the IAI facebook page was Tenebroso’s elaborate explanation of his work.

“The dove above the globe represents peace and fulfillment. The plant represents growth. The arrow going upward represents a movement towards achieving ASEAN’s visions. Linking technology represents how technology is strengthening international relationships. The people represent the active representatives from each nation. The buildings in the background with the ascending arrow represent the rise of modernization.”

In an online interview with UICPA, the 4th-year student revealed that he spent two weeks to arrive at what he called “a good poster.”

“Through my understanding of the theme, I was able to visualize the elements that I wanted to include in the poster. Exploring the set of tools available in Adobe Photoshop simplified the process of making the poster, but the idea has to come from a place of passion for the subject. That’s the most important part of making a good poster.”

2020 CTU ASEAN Week Digital Poster Making 1st placer

Next to Tenebroso’s concoction was the sustainability-oriented output of 1st placer Christian Louis Orongan of CTU Daanbantayan, that capitalized on technological breakthroughs for environmental protection rather than destruction. A fundamentally sound position so it seemed with his employment of objects such as the tree-like hand that takes hold of globalization under the radiant extensions of the sun.

Other awardees included 2nd placer Retchie Clint Angus of CTU San Francisco, 3rd placer Rabbi Florentino of CTU Danao, and 4th placer Jul Rico Sedemo of CTU Main. They received certificates of recognition and cash from CTU IAI.

Banking on the theme “Digital ASEAN for Sustainable Development,” IAI announced the winners via zoom on August 25, 2020. UICPA