Optimized viewership of school opening via social media

About 200 thousand netizens streamed Cebu Technological University’s welcome ceremony for students of school year 2020-2021 on Monday, September 7th, on @ctu.premier, its official facebook page with more than 60 thousand followers.

“Welcome to this academic year 2020-2021. Your generation faces more challenges… our country has been suffering in the past 6 months due to this COVID-19. But despite that, I’m counting on you to make this academic year your best,” said President Rosein Ancheta Jr. 

CTU’s nearly 40,000 student population was oriented on the flexible learning system (FLS), among other key agenda. As facilitator of the  event, the Students Affairs Office underscored the university’s initiative of resolving possible barriers to quality education due to the pandemic.

True enough,  individual connectivity kits provided to  CTU students guarantee their participation in both synchronous and  asynchronous modes of instruction that essentially started on September 1st, necessitating for the orientation to immediately follow after such were finally delivered until the last week of August.

Dr. Ancheta succinctly expressed concern by adding: “We are here to support you every step of the way and help you succeed in your educational journey. You’ll be safe and secured… and you are in good hands.”

In line with the iteration of support system, Vice President for Academic Affairs Edwin Pilapil capitalized on the need “to preserve the essence of quality and integrity by doing the noble task of positioning CTU on the center stage.”

As of late, the event has already reached more than one million viewers, thereby making known CTU’s promotion of students’ welfare despite setbacks, which presently hindered countless individuals to pursue education in some parts of the globe.

Equally given the chance to talk, students flooded questions that were appropriately addressed. With the new school year bringing a compelling setup, students learned the guidelines in going about their daily tasks while staying at home. This runs consistent with the mandate to avoid gatherings in schools that may lead anyone to contracting the virus.

The program also aired  videos  on the university’s accomplishments last year including its efforts toward  industry 4.0. These provided ample information on CTU’s mileage in terms of the fourfold function.

Unprecedented, the online conduct of bringing together a great deal of participants resulted in an efficient dissemination of significant details about the university and its services as opposed to having it done per campus, which would have wasted much time and effort. UICPA