Graduate attributes crafted

Vice President for Academic Affairs Edwin Pilapil (C) leads the committee in determining graduate attributes.

“Highly skilled individual, ethically-imbued professional, service-oriented, and effective communicator” primarily characterize a CTU graduate, as espoused by CTU Vice President for Academic Affairs Edwin Pilapil, who recently led constituents in crafting  graduate attributes.

Said qualities are to be  reflected in the curriculum mapping and unification of syllabi, as per quality assurance paradigm that  necessitates aligning graduate traits with the university vision, mission, goals  and outcomes.

University Director for Curriculum, Planning and Development Cristie Ann Jaca initiated the formulation of the institutional graduate attributes and shared her own reflective experience relative to ‘OBEdizing’ teaching.

“Change is about reflecting on outcomes not on topics,” said Dr. Jaca.

Other university directors and administrators from satellite and extension campuses also took part in the discussion . – ccmr/rmmm