Academic speaks at the Fourth Global Peace Education Webinar

While the coronavirus undeniably takes its toll on people’s lives, CTU Argao associate dean found means to express positivity amidst difficulties hence speaking  at the Fourth Global Peace Education Webinar in November of last year.

Following the invitation from the Department of Education, Dr. Christine Joy Tomol rose to the challenge and drew inspiration  from her being a  leader, mentor and mother.

“I was recommended by a colleague who was once a speaker in one of their webinars. They chose me because I am a leader, handling management roles at the same time a mother of a homeschooled child and  an IT teacher who  virtually conducts classes,” said Dr. Tomol.

At the outset of the outbreak, education systems, schools, and educators need to make a critical shift and ponder on the true meaning of education, according to her .

More specifically , she delved into topics as: “Supporting the Well-Being of Students, Teachers, and Parents” and “The Beauty of Learning in the New Normal,” putting emphasis on the best practices of the university in regards to the implementation of the flexible learning system. Evangeline Rellin/ICPA Argao