CTU Argao granted COPC for BIT, BSHM, BA Lit, BA Eng

The Commission on Higher Education Region VII granted CTU Argao Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) for Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT), Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM), Bachelor of Arts in Literature (BA Lit) and Bachelor of Arts in English (BA Eng) major in language studies last year.

Argao campus complied  with standards as per  CMO No. 62, s. of 2017 for BSHM, following the validation conducted for the BA Lit and BA Eng in December of  2018.

Meanwhile similar action was done for  BIT in Automotive, Computer, Drafting, Garments, and Electronics Technology as per  CMO No. 86, s. of 2017, months after the validation visit by CHEDRO VII Quality Team (QAT),

With CHED certification, aforementioned degree programs could only expect for an increased student population given the qualifications met,  which contribute to stakeholders’ satisfaction. Evangeline Rellin/ICPA Argao