CTU Dumanjug gymnasium, admin and education buildings completed

In an effort to sustain infrastructure development, CTU Dumanjug made it possible to complete the construction of the admin and education building and renovation of the campus gymnasium in September.

EG and I construction was awarded the 29-million, 3-storey project ,  with 10 classrooms and 5 offices fully installed with 20mpbs fiber optic cable connection.

By 2021, a 37-million, 4-storey building for library and laboratory is expected to rise.

During the inauguration ceremony dated Nov. 27, 2020,  Campus Director Romeo Lepiten expressed his gratitude to the top management of CTU led by  President Rosein Acheta Jr. for the continued  support.

7th District Congressman Peter John Calderon, Municipality Mayor Efren Guntrano Gica and Vice President for Administration and Finance Jerlito Letrondo were also present at the ceremony. Cathy Gabia/ICPA Dumanjug