Argao pushes Eco-Care program amidst pandemic

CTU Argao makes best practice of  growing Eco-Care volunteers year after year.

Even the pandemic won’t stop CTU Argao’s healthy environment drive, Eco-Care, pushing volunteers to  scour coasts, parks, and riverbanks last week.

The  National Service Training Program (NSTP) opened 2nd semester this year ahead of classes, with a campaign themed “ALAGAD-Accentuating Love, Loyalty and Goodwill for Development,” which aligned itself to many of Eco-Care’s components.

The program drew  NSTP facilitators, Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) officials, and personnel  from Argao campus and its extensions in Oslob and Ginatilan to clean up barangays  in Argao and Badian municipalities.

The initiative has been strengthened with  a MOA between CTU Argao NSTP and Argao LGU, thus guaranteeing sustainability of the environmental mandate .

ROTC members do their part in Badian,Cebu.

More to NSTP’s Vision

Besides collecting trash, the campus has plans on caring for water sources and watersheds such as those in Bulasa and  Talo-ot, Argao, after conducting evaluations as of late. 

Its preliminary  meetings with  potential  community support services proved more useful to the  impact of Eco-Care, that seeks to reach out to many residents for a collective undertaking.

CTU Argao NSTP previously signed the MOA with the Community Water and Sanitation Services Cooperative (COWASSCO) for the resource’s  maintenance and preservation.

Any development taking shape from the pact is something that both parties look into such as  the discovery of additional water depots  for the southern community that banks on tourism as one of the major sources of income.

Eco-Care brings help  to the coastline in Lambug, Badian, Cebu.

Keeping the Goal while Staying Safe

The environmental campaign proved anew the spirit of camaraderie among academics, students and non-teaching personnel.

More like a tradition, the activity has gained popularity over the years evidenced in the aforesaid number of participants, which was more than half of the attendees last year.

Safeguarding them was the strict implementation of Covid-19 protocols on said dates, such as going over the checklist to remind  participants of how best to keep their health safe.  Evangeline Rellin/ICPA Argao