Laptops provided to R & D directors across CTU campuses

Research directors across CTU campuses had work-from-home woes solved,  following recent  turnover of  brand-new laptop computers as an indispensable  tool in the new normal.

Ongoing research projects are a major concern for  Vice President for Research and Development Adrian Ybañez, who iterated the rationale of such a provision in one of  last year’s assemblies  via zoom conference.

With remote work imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic, University President Rosein Ancheta Jr. previously signed the memorandum of agreement, providing a total of 49 units to aforesaid R&D directors.

The entry-level ASUS Core TM i5 laptop, costing Php 45,000 per unit, is suitable for research data management.

“Being equipped with … [a] laptop, provided by the R&D head office, is a great privilege to do my task efficiently,” said Ulysis Malait, one of the recipients.

The university’s act can  be seen as a way of bolstering the research agenda, as it goes  head to head with other state universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) here and abroad. UICPA