CTU Danao faculty to receive brand-new laptops for remote instruction

CTU Danao is distributing  brand-new laptops  to regular faculty tomorrow,  February 26th, to facilitate remote instruction.

Ongoing fight against the pandemic has led CTU Danao to bolster remote instruction, with  80 units of brand-new  laptops set for distribution tomorrow, just in time for the second semester that started Monday.

The 2.6 million allocation is the campus’ manifestation, yet again, of strengthening the  flexible learning system, since the distribution of connectivity kits to teachers and students during the first semester of  academic year 2020-2021.

Pursuant to campus memorandum 23-02,s. 2021, the distribution per college will start at 8 a.m until 5 p.m. tomorrow.

“We should equip our instructors with the right gadget in order for them to become more effective in their field of work and sustain the university’s goal which is continuous learning,” said campus director Rose Mary Almacen, who ultimately sought to upgrade  old personal computers to efficiently handle  synchronous and asynchornous sessions.

The ACER Aspire A314-22, costing Php26, 999 per unit, is built to provide optimal performance to users. The edge-to-edge keyboard layout is part of the intelligent design to make typing experience much more comfortable and suitable for every learning software platform.

Management Information System (MIS) Office reported on Tuesday 100% installation of MS Office 2019 license, Zoom, ccleaner, chrome, and sophos endpoint.

Such a gesture to facilitate academics in their core function was backed by the Social Trust Fund (STF).  Sarah Jane Colina/ICPA Danao