Academic to speak at int’l Guest Lecture Series (GLS)

It has never been as compelling as bringing the name of Cebu Technological University (CTU) to the global audience, according to Prof. Mydah Kabingue in a statement, who will present the “The light up Cebu experience— A nexus of education and climate action” at the Guest Lecturer Series (GLS) online platform  on March 23rd.

Following the invitation from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Prof. Kabingue is living up to her responsibility as a climate reality leader,  taking the effort of sharing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underpinning and how this impact Cebuanos, being one herself.

Light Up Cebu Project is her brainchild  that has gained accolade from the national government thus evolving into Light UP Philippines, which seeks to light the homes in remote areas through solar energy. She has since been supported by CTU and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cebu Chapter.

The series had its pilot episode on March 2nd, featuring speakers from Turkey and Indonesia. All events in four months will be conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Q&A part right after the 100-minute talk is central to each session.

GLS opens and closes free registration on Thursdays and Mondays, respectively.  Participants can select events they want to attend in a one-time registration.

As a leading university in science and technology, ITS is encouraging lecturers, experts, and academics from around the world to disseminate information toward the fulfilment of the United Nation’s  mantra.

Kabingue presently teaches  Development Communication courses at CTU Main. Ale Taneo/UICPA